We provides as Engineering, Procurement, Construction  ( EPC ) services with a very strong capability in Project Management, Engineering, Procurement and Construction. Highly experienced personnel and our ability to provide the resources in EPC project has enrich the capability of our COmpany to perform an EPC project. Our Services covering for  Utility Plant ( IAPA, N2 Generation ),  Biomass Power Plant, Pipeline & Storaging Facility, Water & Waste Water Treament Plant.

Our Capabilities :

  • Engineering Capability ( has supported expereinced engineer and original Engineering Software such as Hysis, PDMS ( 3D Auto plant Design ), ETAP, Instrucalc, Caesar, AutoCAD
  • Project Management capability has supporting with the proper Project Management tools and high qualified Profesional Project management team such as Project Manager, Project Control Manager, Procurement Manager and Construction Manager.
  • Procurement capability has strengtent with a worldwide supply chain networks, financial capability, technical procurement expert, inspectors, expeditors and strong logistics team
  • Construction capability has supported by high expereinced contruction tesam , subcontracting team, contract administration, health safety and environment team, QA/QC team, strong Industrial relation team and heavy equipment division team. A prooven construction management system, will automtically giving feed back to engineering team during the designing phase will be a benefit to our customer.