EPCM (Engineering, Procurement & Construction Management)

EPCM stands for “Engineering, Procurement & Construction Management and is a form of projects management to supervise EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) contractor’s activity to ensure that project is completed in the term of quality, budget and schedule.

Lower cost
EPCM contracting offers potential savings on project cost. EPC contractors usually charge more because of the extra risk they take on from the employer. In EPCM contracting more risk stays with the employer, so prices should be lower. In addition, the employer has the benefit of negotiating each construction and supply contract itself, rather than relying on an EPC contractor to get the best price.

Compared with EPC contracting, the employer has greater freedom to change the project during the works In EPCM contracting this may be avoided because the employer can negotiate directly with contractors and suppliers.

Compared with EPC contracting, the employer may be able to complete the project more quickly. EPCM contracting allows the employer to engage the necessary contractors to begin work, without necessarily finalizing the detail of the project right away or entering into contracts for works or equipment that will be needed later.

EPCM contracting allows the employer to take an active role throughout the project, advised by the EPCM contractor. In theory this allows the employer to control the quality of the project. Even if there is no measurable qualitative advantage to EPCM contracting, the employer often feels a greater sense of satisfaction with the completed project because it has had “ownership” of the project throughout its course.

Our EPCM services spans the entire project execution phase, including but not limited to the following :

  • Tender Package Preparation and Administration
  • Project HSE Management
  • Contract and Procurement Management
  • Project Execution Planning and Control
  • Construction Management and Supervision
  • Quality Management
  • Project Pre-commisioning and Commisoning Assistance