The dehydration unit is a facility that removes the water content from natural gas by contacting the gas with Tri Ethylene Glycol (TEG).
A liquid desiccant dehydrator absorbs water vapor from the gas stream in glycol dehydration. During the process, the glycol concentration decreases, and water content increases, requiring the glycol loss to be continuously replenished.

MIPCON uses practical innovation to improve technology and anticipate our clients' needs in the design and production of our glycol dehydration units.
The units are engineered to provide maximum water vapor removal on a minimum fuel gas supply. MIPCON stands behind our craftsmanship by offering a comprehensive warranty for every dehydration unit manufactured.
MIPCON refurbishment program includes bringing dehydration units that have been operational in the field into our facility and returning them to like-new condition. This program allows the client to get maximum value from the dehydrator, lowering the total cost of ownership.
Enhancing the bottom line and utilizing resources and materials as the unit is recycled is truly a win/win that gives more value to the client and the environment.