Our process capability covers : Fluid catalytic cracking (FCC), Alkylation, Hydrotreating, Hydrocracking, Reforming, Coking, Lubes, Isomerisation, Dimerisation, Sulfur recovery, FCC gasoline,  HDSCrude/vacuum distillation, LPG/gasoline mercaptan removal, Fractionation, Sour water stripping, FCC wet gas scrubbing, Deasphalting, Benzene saturation, Hydrogen plants, Amine treating/regeneration, Oxygenation and Gasification

Our chemical plant market sector  includes: Olefinsl , Polymers, plastics, thermoplastics, rubber, Monomers ,Aromatics, Glycols/Ethylene, Oxide/Alkylene,  Acids, Amines & Utilities

Our related product and services :

  • Consulting & Engineering : FEED & DEED
  • EPCIC - OM : Energy Audit, Equipments Inspection, Maintenance & Repair, Specialities Engineering service, Chemical Cleaning, Flange Management & Turnarround